Maren Kaliske

I am an empirical economist working in the field of international and regional trade.  

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the chair for New Economic Geography and East Asia at the University of Duisburg Essen. I obtained my PhD at the TU Dortmund University (Chair for Urban, Regional and International Economics) and as part of the RTG 2484 - Regional Disparities & Economic Policy.

Maren Kaliske


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On Tuesday, January 16 2024, I successfully defended my dissertation and thus completed my PhD with the grade summa cum laude. 

My dissertation entitled "International Trade in the European Union: The Role of Converging Political Preferences, Environmental Policies and Infrastructure Investments" consists of three chapters, which address different aspects of regional and international trade in the EU and thus deepen the understanding of factors determining and promoting trade integration in the EU Single Market.

I am very grateful to Christiane Hellmanzik and Jens Wrona for being great supervisors and I am very much looking forward to further collaboration.

August 2023:

I am very proud to announce my first publication.

My PhD paper "Intra-EU trade-embodied carbon emissions: Is there voting for dirty comparative advantages?" is now available online at EconomicsLetters.

The paper examines whether differences in revealed environmental policy prefereces have an effect on intra-EU carbon embodied trade flows. I do not find an effect which is arguably driven by the functioning binding EU policies which cancel out country-specific preferences and require all countries to implement the joint EU policy.

Access the paper here.